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Outlook 2018

Steven Wieting

By Steven Wieting

Global Chief Investment Strategist

December 5, 2017

We believe the global economic expansion can strengthen further in 2018. This may create opportunities but also risks, in our view, so we consider how to position accordingly.

While risky assets seem unlikely to deliver returns as strong as they did in 2017, we remain bullish.  We recently raised our tactical allocation to equities and reduced our recommended exposure to fixed income. We now believe that the most attractive opportunities lie outside the US and urge clients to ‘go global now’.

Our most important message in Outlook 2018 concerns portfolios as a whole. Despite our best efforts, many clients do not follow the vital principles and practices that have helped some families remain among the world’s wealthiest for generations. We therefore revisit these and highlight the risks of failing to create and follow an appropriate long-term plan.


Outlook 2018: Findings & opportunities

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Outlook 2018 video hub

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Core income strategies

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Exploiting volatility

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Transforming commerce

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