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Citi Private Bank is confident that 2020 will be brighter than many expect. We believe that global growth will surprise positively, feeding through into modest corporate earnings growth. In turn, this should buoy equity markets and cause longer-term rates to rise by more than the consensus expects. We urge you to cut through the negative noise, focus on hard economic data, and stay fully invested.

In Outlook 2020, we therefore set out how you can participate wisely in the market upside that the coming year may bring. We highlight our favored markets and opportunities across the world. Faced with an unprecedented global shortage of yield in fixed income – and the prevalence of negative yields – we call for major changes in most portfolios. We also argue for having exposure to powerful long-term forces that are transforming industries and the economy. 

In a world of negative sentiment and negative yields, we aim to help you focus on what really matters and take positive action in your portfolio.


Download the Outlook 2020 at a glance here.

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