Unstoppable trends

Unstoppable trends continue to reshape the world around us. We see a compelling case for portfolio exposure to these forces.

Harness the power of unstoppable trends

Going forward, investors should consider more diversified exposure to Asia’s ongoing development.

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Some of the strongest installation growth is occurring in solar, where fresh records may also follow in 2023.

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Among cyber security equities, we prefer specialists in cloud, identity and data security. These offer potentially strong growth as ever more sensitive data shifts to centralized third-party servers.

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For suitable investors, we see strategies that offer exposure to key areas of digitalization.

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Mid-Year Outlook 2022

2022 has seen a reset of the international world order and the end of boom conditions in markets. Despite uncertainties, we see many reasons to be fully, but wisely invested. Our Mid-Year Outlook is a critical guide for investors around the globe.

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