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Home financing

Whether you seek to acquire a new property, refinance an existing mortgage, or unlock liquidity from your real estate holdings, we can help meet your financing needs.

Home Financing
Swimming pool next to a modern house on a hill overlooking the sea
Woman with arms folded

Residential real estate can be a valuable component within your overall wealth strategy.

In recent years, our clients have increasingly sought properties in key locations around the world, whether for their own use, investment purposes, or as a way to store wealth.

We offer a comprehensive approach to financing and structuring home buying transactions.

Your dedicated mortgage specialist coordinates all aspects of the lending process until your transaction closes.

They begin the process by understanding your objectives and then customize a financing strategy aligned to your unique circumstances.




Among the benefits of our service are competitive interest rates, no maximum loan amount,1 and a sliding loan-to-value scale that reflects loan amounts and liquidity. We draw upon in-depth knowledge of key local property markets worldwide and our expertise in cross-border financing.

Your dedicated mortgage specialist partners with you to understand your unique objectives, develop a tailored financing strategy, and coordinate all aspects of the lending process. 

Thomas Stott
Head of Residential Real Estate - North America
How we serve you
Tailored financing strategies
We design innovative mortgage structures to fit your overall financial strategy.

Our offering includes fixed and adjustable rate mortgages, interest-only options,1 home equity lines of credit, dual-collateral mortgages, blanket mortgages, laddered loans and bridge financing.

We can assist in complex financial situations, including where there are multiple sources of income or alternative ownership structures.

We can also provide pre-approvals, which may give a negotiating advantage. 

Unique properties
Our clients frequently seek to acquire out-of-the-ordinary homes.

We have a deep understanding of the issues and challenges posed by many one-of-a-kind properties, such as vineyards, country estates, farms and ranches.

Our expertise and flexibility allow us to consider lending in situations where other lenders may not.

Intelligent ownership
Structuring the ownership of your property can help ease transitions, protect your privacy, and safeguard against legal challenges.

Working with your independent legal and tax advisors, our wealth planners can explore appropriate structures for your unique circumstances.

Possibilities include trusts, partnerships and limited liability companies, both on- and off-shore.

We can also help manage, oversee, and administer assets on your behalf.

Meet our people

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Thomas Stott sketch
Thomas D. Stott
Head of Investment Finance – Law Firm Group & Residential Real Estate
North America

Tom has overall responsibility for providing lending solutions to our law firm and lawyer clients across the region.

Previously, Tom was Chief Risk Officer for the Citi Private Bank in North America, overseeing credit, investment, market and operational risk.

He has also served as an Investment Counselor and Investments team leader for Northern California and Seattle, and Head of Investment Finance for North America.

Tom spent 30 years with Citi’s Corporate & Investment Bank and the Global Relationship Bank, holding a variety of senior posts, including Senior Risk Manager for the power, energy and chemicals and mining industries.

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Jeffrey Arestivo sketch
Jeffrey S. Arestivo
Head of Residential Real Estate Sales
North America

Jeff leads a team of 47 mortgage specialists and loan officers who  structure loans for clients across the region.

In his 30-year career with Citi, he has held a variety of roles, including Mortgage Director for Citibank North America, in which he led and grew a 500-person mortgage sales team. Jeff also served as Chief Administrative Officer for Citibank North America National branches, and as area director for all downtown Manhattan retail branches for 5 years. He started his career with CitiMortgage as a mortgage consultant.

Jeff has a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Scranton and an MBA from Adelphi University.

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Tracy Jackson Kitt sketch
Tracy Jackson-Kitt
Head of Residential Real Estate
Europe, Middle East and Africa

Tracy is responsible for our Residential Real Estate offering across the region, originating and structuring client solutions. She is a Senior Credit Officer for the Private Bank.

Previously, Tracy was a Regional Senior Credit Officer, working with Citi’s Consumer Risk team in London, covering residential mortgages across Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Middle East.

She joined Citi in 1999 as a Credit Risk Manager in Consumer Finance UK, with portfolio management responsibility for residential mortgages and personal loans for the UK.

Tracy holds an MBA, is a Chartered Manager, Certified Mortgage Arranger and is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Credit Management.

Global citizens

The Private Bank exists to serve a very special community. Hear the stories of global citizens in their own words.

Alan Faena leaning against wallclose icon
Global Citizens
Experience creator

“Giving new life to a city is one of the most beautiful things that anyone can do,” says Alan Faena, as he looks out on the Miami neighbourhood that now bears his name. “It’s one of the things I’m most proud of, both here and back home in Buenos Aires. These are my gifts to the people, not only for today’s generation but also for future generations.” And what a gift the Faena District is indeed.

Spanning five blocks adjacent to the white sands of Miami Beach, the neighborhood is nothing less than an urban oasis of sensory delights. Its buildings – old and new – somehow fuse perfectly with their natural surroundings. Absolutely nothing is mundane here, not even the multistory parking garage, whose exterior could easily pass for that of an ultra-modern cultural center or designer shopping mall. Incidentally, the Faena District also possesses both of those things.

Learn more

Adriana Cisneros sitting at a desk smilingclose icon
Global Citizens
Adriana Cisneros

“I think it’s something like less than one third of family businesses that make it from the first to the second generation and half of those don’t make it to the third generation,” says Adriana Cisneros. “I’m the third generation in our business, so I really hope I’m going to be one of those that survives. Who knows, I might completely mess up, but hopefully not.” Messing up seems a rather unlikely prospect going by Adriana’s record to date. The company is in robust health under her leadership. She has recently returned from a whistle-stop tour of Central and South America, where Cisneros Interactive has become the sole reseller of Facebook in nine countries, the only nations on earth where the social media giant will not manage its own sales.

Facebook chose to work through Cisneros Interactive because it already has the region’s most advanced advertising network. “I started Cisneros Interactive, our digital division four years ago,” says Adriana. “Our aim from the outset has been to create the largest advertising network in Latin America and also the smartest. When we began, others were trying to do similar things, but in a very country-specific way. No one really dared to do it pan-regionally. I used the same architecture to build the business that my father did when he brought satellite television to Latin America three decades ago.”

Learn more

Sid brown headshotclose icon
Global Citizens
The Brown family & NFI: Keeping North America running

I went to Georgetown University, where I majored in finance. After graduation, I went to New York, where I worked for two years in investment banking at Morgan Stanley, before attending Harvard Business School. At that point, I had to decide if I wanted to go back into investment banking or return to the family business. It was 1983 and NFI was primarily a trucking business with very small warehousing, real estate, and truck leasing components.

I’m not completely sure exactly what I was thinking at the time, but I probably felt a certain obligation to join the family business. I’d kind of grown up within NFI. From junior high school onwards, I’d always helped out at the company during summer vacations. I’d worked in the maintenance shop and as a loader in the warehouse. We had always discussed business around the family table as far back as I can remember. So I guess you could say it was in my blood.

When I entered the business, I also had two brothers and a sister working alongside me. So I not only had to figure out how to work with my father, but also with my siblings too. As we were coming up through the ranks, our father wisely refused to appoint any of us as his successor. ‘If I pick one of you,’ he said to us, ‘the others will always resent me and our relationship will suffer.’ Instead, he told us to work it out among ourselves, after which he would sell the business to us.

Learn more

Amersi headshotclose icon
Global Citizens
Fighting an asymmetric war

Problem-solving and progress-making are second nature to Mohamed Amersi. For many years, he worked as a lawyer for two of the world’s leading firms, focusing upon highly complex equity-related deals. He subsequently set up his own advisory and investment firm specializing in technology, media, and telecoms. In 2015, he and his family created the Amersi Foundation, which particularly supports causes relating to education, poverty, conflict, and social cohesion.

The pandemic has definitely felt like a war at times. But it’s an unusual, asymmetric kind of war. The enemy we’re fighting is one that we can’t see or touch. It doesn’t deploy tanks, fire bullets or have a nuclear arsenal. But it does have hidden bases in pretty much every single part of the Earth. And our current weaponry is unable to defeat this enemy – an enemy that is only interested in killing us.

Like most people, I have had to learn a lot very quickly about COVID-19. I had no in-depth understanding of what ‘triaging,’ ‘social distancing,’ and ‘self-isolation’ were all about. We’ve all learned a completely new lexicon, a new way of living and have a new way of thinking about things. It’s a strange paradox, but we’ve had to stay apart in order to come together against this pandemic.

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