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Financial planning

We help investors and professionals from many industries develop holistic financial plans.

Financial planning

Even for sophisticated investors, managing wealth can be challenging.

The greater your wealth and the more dynamic your circumstances, the more valuable financial planning can become.

A financial plan can help you understand your current situation, define your goals and set out a strategy for achieving them.

A detailed statement of net worth, an evaluation of your portfolio in light of the allocation we recommend for you, and a multi-year cash flow analysis are among the insights we provide.

Our financial planners can also help you prepare better for expected and unexpected major outlays, such as a second or vacation home, a private jet or a new business venture.

If you are seeking to sell your interest in a business, diversify a concentrated holding, or manage another liquidity event, we can advise how to make it work best for your wealth.

To customize your plan, we draw upon some of the most advanced resources available, such as the work of our asset allocation and portfolio analytics specialists.

The resulting financial plan is a living document, which should evolve alongside your situation over time.

We will therefore periodically discuss this framework with you to address life events and changes in your overall goals and objectives.

We work with Bankers, Investment Counselors and other product specialists to create, implement and monitor customized financial plans.

Luke Hadzima
Head of Financial Planning - North America

How we serve you

Actionable insights
Effective planning begins with a detailed assessment of the present.

We therefore produce a net worth statement, giving you a comprehensive understanding of your current situation.

This statement can subsequently help us to determine realistic financial goals and aid in monitoring your progress towards them.

It can also give an estimate of your retirement income and the potential inheritance for your heirs, as well as reducing the impact of any unexpected events.

Cash flow analysis
With often intense focus on assets, cash flow sometimes fails to get the attention it demands.

Even the wealthiest investors can thus experience mismatches between their available liquidity and their requirements.

We offer a cash flow plan for you and your family, which provides detailed analyses of income and expenses.

Such a plan can help determine ability to maintain current lifestyle in retirement, accommodate large expenses or unexpected events, such as medical or long-term care expenses, evaluate wealth transfer and gifting capacity, and plan for survivorship income and expenses.

Your cash flow plan is revisited periodically to address changes in goals and can include corporate benefits modeling, such as pensions, deferred compensation, and restricted stock/options.

Wealth protection beyond your lifetime
Having an estate plan can provide essential protection for your family and assets during your lifetime and beyond.

We can work with your independent advisors to help develop an estate plan that reflects your objectives and maximizes the wealth that passes to your heirs and chosen causes.

Such a plan can also help enhance confidentiality and potentially minimize taxes.

In partnership with external specialists, we can enable the delivery of integrated insurance solutions to address a wide variety of wealth transfer concerns.

These include arranging for equitable distribution of illiquid assets like fine art or real estate, establishing a charitable legacy, planning for business succession and liquidity provision for taxes and debt.

Meet our people

Global Head

Luke Hadzima

Head of Financial Planning
North America
“We work with Bankers, Investment Counselors and other product specialists to create, implement and monitor customized financial plans.”

Luke leads a team dedicated to developing and delivering comprehensive financial planning strategies to help address clients’ wealth management goals around cash flow needs, estate planning strategies, asset allocation positioning, retirement, and education.

Prior to joining Citi Private Bank in 2010, Luke was an Associate Director and Financial Planner at UBS Financial Services, Inc., where he worked on creating and presenting comprehensive financial plans for the firm’s Ultra High Net Worth clients. Before UBS, he worked as a Financial Planner at Summit Financial Resources, Inc.

Luke is a graduate of Plymouth State University in Plymouth, NH. He is a Certified Financial Planner practitioner and a Chartered Financial Consultant.


See our insights and the issues that matter for your wealth.

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See our insights and the issues that matter for your wealth.

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