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Developing and managing wealth plans is of critical importance.

"There’s no time like the present." This could not be more true in terms of planning for your wealth, your family and your philanthropic intentions. We believe that wealth planning should not wait for a significant life event to transpire for that realization to occur.  

Wealth planning is a journey. There are many paths to take and twists and turns along the way, in tandem with multiple considerations that are both personal and financial. Having a guide to navigate this journey with you is vital for you to remain on your intended path for the protection and longevity of your wealth.

In this challenging world, there needs to be an understanding of the complexities that wealth planning often presents due to dynamic, heavily regulated environments, as well as multi-country risks. There have been significant changes to fiscal reporting standards around the world, ranging from the registration of beneficial ownership norms to implementation of economic substance rules.

There are increasingly rigorous due diligence demands in various jurisdictions and a growing tendency to augment taxes for the wealthy. As the world changes, families planning needs change too. Understanding the landscape brings home the reality that wealth planning needs to be a prescient and carefully thought out process, rather than a spontaneous reaction caused by a life event.   

Carefully thought out wealth plans, including trusts and private holding structures, need to be stress tested and any weak spots addressed. Plans should reflect the family’s changing needs and aspirations and take into account the current global socioeconomic climate. A holistic approach, including a review of your asset allocation and asset location, and a recognition and assessment of the future needs of the family will ensure that wealth is properly structured, and sustainable, and will bring peace of mind.

At Citi Private Bank, we have the know-how to help you plan for your wealth, no matter how complex. We are on the ground, living and working in the same regulatory and political environments; and our perspective is as local as it is global. We listen, and bring ideas, strategies and solutions based on an understanding of client aspirations, and the environment. While life can be uncertain, wealth planning does not need to be. 

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See our insights and the issues that matter for your wealth.


See our insights and the issues that matter for your wealth.