Margin lending

We enable qualified clients to borrow at competitive rates against investments including equities, cash and equivalents, bonds, and mutual funds.

Keeping your core investment portfolio fully invested for the long-term is one of the most important recommendations that we make.

But we also recognize that you may have liquidity needs from time to time, whether planned or unplanned. We therefore offer securities backed lending to borrow against your portfolio.

Rather than selling any existing investments to meet such needs, you might consider entering into a margin loan.

With $25.3 billion of liquidity provided globally, our margin lending program enables borrowing at competitive rates using a broad range of financial assets as collateral.

These include cash and cash equivalents, equities and bonds, exchange traded REIT shares, mutual funds and ETFs, Citi-distributed structured notes, and hedge funds.

A margin loan allows you to keep your investment strategy intact, retaining dividends, and preserving other benefits of ownership.*


You can use the funds from such a loan for a variety of purposes including making other investments, seeking enhanced yields, purchasing real estate, repaying debt or for other personal needs.

We help you to get more out of your assets.

Our dedicated team is experienced in structuring bespoke strategies to provide clients liquidity using their financial assets as collateral.

Paolo Mammola
Global Head of Margin lending

How we serve you

Customized terms
Our margin loan specialists work closely with you and your Private Banker to determine a suitable financing strategy, taking a holistic view of your assets and liabilities.

Given our strong balance sheet, there are minimal restrictions on the size of loans we can make to eligible borrowers with sufficient collateral.

The credit lines and loans we arrange are available in multiple currencies, according to your needs.

Mitigating Risk
While margin loans can help you get more out of your assets, they also come with risks.

We therefore seek to help you avoid the hazards of excessive leverage and receiving a margin call.

Our portfolio analytics specialists can perform an analysis of your leverage, highlighting the risk of your receiving a margin call based on market moves during past episodes of financial stress.

In the case of adverse market fluctuations that cause a decline in the market value of securities, we employ a unique two-step margin call process, which includes both top-up and sell out notices

Learn more about mitigating risk
Borrowing across borders
The global nature of our business enables us to lend against assets owned in other jurisdictions.

For example, we may lend against securities held in Hong Kong to finance the purchase of a residential property in London.

Our specialists around the world work together as one team to help achieve cross-border solutions.

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The risk of loss in financing a transaction by deposit of collateral is significant. You may sustain losses in excess of your cash and any other assets deposited as collateral with the lender or the lender's agent. Market conditions may make it impossible to execute contingent orders, such as "stop-loss" or "stop-limit" orders. You may be called upon at short notice to make additional margin deposits or interest payments. If the required margin deposits or interest payments are not made within the prescribed time, your collateral may be liquidated without your consent. Moreover, you will remain liable for any resulting deficit in your account and interest charged on your account. You should therefore carefully consider whether such a financing arrangement is suitable in light of your own financial position and investment objectives. You are not entitled to choose which securities or other assets in your account(s) are liquidated or sold to meet a margin call. The firm can increase its margin requirements at any time and is not required to provide you advance written notice. You are not entitled to an extension of time on a margin call. Citi has the right to demand repayment of a demand facility at any time, for any reason or no reason. All credit products are subject to credit approval. *The term “margin loans” refers to margin lending transactions between the client and Citibank, N.A. that are collateralized by the client’s financial assets and are payable on demand. Citibank, N.A. offers these loans, on a discretionary basis, as part of its overall relationship with the client. The value of the margin loan collateral is subject to daily mark-to-market and the margin loans are subject to other terms and conditions applicable to all credit products. Although they share many characteristics, this definition does not refer to the “margin loans” offered by Citigroup Global Markets Inc. under Regulation T. *Citigroup Inc. and its affiliates do not provide tax or legal advice. To the extent that this material or any attachment concerns tax matters, it is not intended to be used and cannot be used by a taxpayer for the purpose of avoiding penalties that may be imposed by law. Any such taxpayer should seek advice based on the taxpayer's particular circumstances from an independent tax advisor.