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Worldly citizens who harness knowledge, experience and relationships beyond borders and across cultures to help change the world for the better. 

Wealthy citizens that make, create and deliver economic progress for their communities, their families and themselves.

We have provided banking services to enable our clients to flourish and grow on their journey from ambition to achievement since 1812.

One Global team with access to the world's most sophisticated financial services defined by the needs of individuals and families. 

An interactive guide to how we work with you

We know that no two stories are the same, so we always make yours our very first step. We listen to learn about you. You won't be surprised to hear that we are one of the best capitalized financial institutions in the world. This enables us to help meet your borrowing needs and those of your businesses. We can also provide specialist advice to facilitate extraordinary loans for extraordinary purchases - whether that's art, aircraft or a football team.

For nearly half a century we have been the trusted partner to the legal industry delivering financial strategies to lawyers, and their firms. And we are as international as you are. With a truly global network, we can help you navigate through the local regulations and complexities wherever your finances take you. That said, banking is just the start of our story.

The Private Bank sits with Citi's Institutional Client Group, providing direct access to the world's capital markets. We maintain an extremely high ratio of advisors to ensure your portfolio gets the dedicated attention it demands.

Our advisors have no incentive to present any one particular solution. This allows us to analyze each and every aspect of your financial situation, and to provide unique insight to help craft a customized investment strategy. We invest heavily to generate original insights, giving us the expertise to best inform, educate and advise our clients.

Whether you're an individual investor, or work in a family office or professional firm, we have the knowledge to meet your financial needs. And we can help you safely navigate wealth legacy issues across borders for future generations.


How may we serve you today?

Worldly and wealthy individuals

We are proud to provide a full range of financial services to the world's most successful entrepreneurs.

Professional Investors

Our position within Citi's Institutional Group enables the Private Bank to serve the world's most sophisticated investors.

Family Offices

Over one thousand family offices choose Citi Private Bank to provide them with our global banking and investment services.

Lawyers & Law firms

Our dedicated team has specialised in providing financial strategies and global banking to legal profession for more than half a century. 

Private Banking for Global Citizens

Meet our Global citizens

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