Reorient and retool your owners


Ensuring owners are well-equipped for today’s fast-changing, hyperconnected world is increasingly important for family enterprise success.

Capable, aligned and loyal owners have always been an essential foundation for the  enduring success of family enterprises. Owner-level decisions (such as where to bet their capital, who to partner with, how much risk to take, and who should lead the enterprise) will account for most of a family enterprise’s gains or losses.

1. Take the job of ownership seriously

Families have a responsibility to prepare owner talent in every generation. Creating talent development programs for owners is incredibly important to creating a capable and responsible ownership group.

2. Develop a strong team of active owners

Active Owners are a subset of owners called upon to take a leadership role for the owners. They are charged with keeping the ownership group, the family, and the family enterprise focused on value creation and multigenerational success. The goal is to build a team of Active Owners with what we call an Owner Mindset – one that supports operational excellence but can also gain altitude to see the big picture, embrace new thinking, and create a transformation roadmap for the family enterprise.

3. Collaborate more, control less

Flexibility around ownership control and ownership structure, with an expansive view of partnerships, help families gain access to knowledge and capital and exposure to new product, market, and investment opportunities. They also offer a lower-cost, lower-risk way to test and scale new ideas.

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Many family-owned and operated businesses struggle with developing flexibility around ownership control and structure.

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Family business ownership has four different levels of contributors – Passive, Supportive, Active and Wealth Creators.

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Family business owners are accountable for the sustainability of the enterprise.

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Meet our people

Global Head

Alexandre Monnier

Global Head of Family Office Services & Network Citi Private Capital Group

Alexandre has responsibility for serving for family office clients, guiding them with advice, education, events and networking opportunities.

Previously, Alexandre was Head of Wealth Sustainability and President of the Institute for Family Success at Hawthorn, the Multi-Family Office of PNC, providing integrated wealth management services to ultra-high net worth family offices. Prior to that, he was President of Family Office Exchange (FOX), a private network for wealth owning families. In that role, he helped family offices in different countries with the unique challenges inherent to wealth ownership, including family vision, governance, next-generation education, leadership succession, risk management, wealth management and family office practices.

Alexandre is a graduate of ESCP Europe and European School of Management. He has also been a member of Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) since 2005.