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Our global specialists guide clients through the art market, providing personalized acquisition strategies to create important private art collections that reflect the collector’s vision.

Suzanne Gyorgy

Suzanne GyorgyGlobal Head, Art Advisory & Finance

'Art and science inspire the human spirit and pursuit to explore and understand the unknown - through creativity, imagination and individual passion, looking deeper with an open mind to really see the world around us.'

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Betsy Bickar

Betsy BickarArt Advisor, Art Advisory & Finance

'The joy and challenge of understanding Contemporary art is like learning a new language - it requires both focused research and an open mind.'

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Julie Muehleisen

Julie MuehleisenArt Collections Manager, Art Advisory & Finance

'Art for me, evokes the colorful memories of growing up surrounded by a family of flower growers, because each work kindles its own individual beauty amongst many.'

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Mary-Kate OHare

Mary-Kate O'HareArt Advisor, Art Advisory & Finance

'As an art historian I take my cue from artists, who have always recognized that art and the ideas driving it are mobile. Exchanged across diverse networks, art can connect people, often unexpectedly, through time and place.'

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Fotini Xydas

Fotini XydasArt Advisor, Art Advisory & Finance

'An art collection is a visual diary - over time it embodies a collector's life, loves and views on the world.'

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