The future of family enterprise white paper, developed in collaboration with the Cambridge Family Enterprise Group (CFEG), provides a penetrating analysis of how the world has changed and offers grounded recommendations to prepare for continuing turbulence, and disruption; new challenges and opportunities. It offers a new model for multigenerational family enterprise success, and states the issues that need to be on the agendas of family owners, their boards and leadership teams, and families themselves.

Ida Liu & John Davis discuss how families now navigate the rapidly changing world

The study has delivered fascinating insight into how families now navigate the rapidly changing world. Following the publication of the paper, Ida Liu, Global Head of Private Banking at Citi and Professor John Davis, Founder of the Cambridge Family Enterprise Group discussed this critical subject.  


Learn more about the five transformation strategies for families and enterprises.

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Today’s turbulent landscape is being shaped by environmental degradation, technological disruption, globalization and socio-politico-economic influences. These four forces frequently interact to produce major trends or disruptions, as COVID-19 has shown.

We identified five key strategies for successfully implementing the new value and values-driven model for family enterprise success.

Successful families build value according to their values. But how? The new model of family success has five essential ingredients.

About the authors

Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise is a leading research and education organization dedicated to the issues facing family enterprises.It is a division of the Cambridge Family Enterprise Group (CFEG), a global thought leadership, advisory, education and research organization, founded in 1989, which helps owning families achieve multigenerational success and navigate changing times.

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