Optimize and unleash your brain



There no limits to what the human mind can achieve. For globally recognized brain coach and accelerated learning expert Jim Kwik – it’s all about optimizing, connecting and training your brain.

The human mind is limitless, and we need to redraw the borders and boundaries of what’s possible, according to brain coach and globally renowned accelerated learning expert Jim Kwik. For nearly three decades, he has taught his learning techniques to students worldwide, including Fortune 500 CEOs and Hollywood celebrities. Citi Latitude invites you to connect, learn and train your brain with Jim in this engaging session and observe its five key actionable takeaways.




Takeaway 1

My vision is for a better, brighter world, one brain at a time. There are ways to optimize the human mind which is limitless. We need to redraw borders and boundaries of what’s possible.

We have done so much research on the human brain and have found that we’ve grossly underestimated our own capabilities. When it comes to education and professional growth, sometimes the world feels like a horse and carriage. Since our younger years we are often told what to learn but there are very few classes on how to learn. Two of the most common words are I forgot and that needs to be addressed. Concentrate on how to focus; on how to think critically; and how to remember things clearly. You change your brain; you change your life! You change your brain; you change your world!

Takeaway 2

The ability to learn rapidly and translate that learning into action is the ultimate competitive edge bar none. If you possess that ability, then you can apply it to your advantage to practically anything from money to martial arts.

If you feel a little bit overwhelmed by the amount things that you must process, act upon, read, recall and implement – it is not your fault, rather the nature of the world we live in. So how do you stay on top of it all? Think of it as an upgrade. For instance, we upgrade our software, our phones and our apps. It begs the question – why shouldn’t we upgrade our brains? Not only should you learn all the lessons you ought to learn, but you must also turn your attention to learning to think fast and focus better. That should be your modern-day superpower. 

Takeaway 3

I always ask people to adopt a W.A.T.C.H. approach. It is an acronym in which ‘W’ stands for your ‘words’; ‘A’ stands for actions (that lead to the results we want); ‘T’ stands for thoughts (as there’s a biology to our beliefs); ‘C’ stands for character and ‘H’ for habits, as first you create your habits, and then the habits create you back.

The W.A.T.C.H approach will help you access more of your potential. Admittedly, some people use their brain much more effectively than others. But everyone can make quality decisions that steer the course of their life if they put in the right kind of effort and thinking prowess into it. The problem we face as human beings is that a lot of people shrink what’s possible when they are planning their goals to fit their minds. On the contrary, we should be expanding our minds to fit all that’s really possible.

Takeaway 4

You must address ‘the three Ms’ – Motivation (Don’t lack the motivation to get out of that box); Mindset (Reexamine what you believe is possible, what you believe you are capable of and what you believe you deserve); and Methods (Many people know what to do but they don’t do what they know because they self-sabotage or procrastinate).

These ‘three Ms’ are all about self-improvement. I believe the largest room of growth for anyone is the room of self-improvement. The mistake most people end up making in life is an underestimation of their own capabilities. Of course, family, friends and community do matter - who you spend time with is who you become. But don’t let any external biases, circumstances or social standing hold you back. Your brain is your biggest asset regardless of background, gender, race, social standing or IQ.

Takeaway 5

My formula for becoming limitless in a limited world is P x E x S3 = P [Purpose] x E [Energy Management] x S3 [small, simple steps], and being cognizant of the fact that in today’s world information is everything.

You must constantly add to your information bank. I firmly believe that you read to succeed and being passionate about building your knowledge base goes a long way. Information by itself its forgettable, but information combined with emotion is unforgettable. In today’s knowledge economy – the faster you can learn, is the faster you can earn. Today, knowledge is not only power; knowledge is profit. Finally remember, that we can do anything if we put our mind to it, but we cannot do everything.