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The Lab undertakes in-depth analysis of your entire wealth, across all your banking relationships. 

Our quantitative and qualitative analysis supplies the framework to develop your portfolio, as well as implementation possibilities.


Focus on you

The Lab’s worldwide team of analysts provides an institutional level of portfolio analysis to eligible Private Bank clients.

Our work begins by getting a full understanding of your situation.

We assess your assets, liabilities and business interests in the context of your investment goals and risk appetite.


Uncovering opportunities and risks

Our work aims to uncover potential opportunities and risk exposures that you may not have been aware of.

We perform sophisticated modelling to show you how your portfolio might perform under different economic and market conditions.


Actionable insights

Having identified your risks and opportunities, we apply our innovative problem-solving skills to create actionable investment insights.

Based on these, we create a wholly personalized strategy that we then work with you to implement.


Our Wealth Experts