CITI Latitude

From foundational financial education to global perspectives, the Citi Latitude Knowledge Hub gives you access to a wide array of on-demand written and audible articles. This exclusive resource is customized for future leaders and influential individuals who are determined to help make an impact within their families, businesses and communities around the world. 

Legacy planning

The earlier you begin thinking about your wealth plan, the better. Learn the most important elements of a wealth plan and assess how well positioned your family is for a successful wealth transition.

Personal finance

Personal finance not only encompasses day-to-day expenses and accumulation of assets. You should also begin planning for your long-term financial future.

Joining the family business

Should you join your family business or strike out on your own? Only you can decide.

Developing your portfolio

Portfolio building can seem overwhelming if you're just getting started. Build your confidence by learning about the major ideas you should consider.


Philanthropy aims to bring meaningful long-term change to the world. Learn how to choose the right cause, determine how you want to give and follow through to make sure you're making the intended impact.