What infrastructure spending means for you


There's a desperate need in the US to improve our infrastructure, much of which was built when the population was half the size it is today.

After decades of neglect, President Biden's infrastructure plan is poised to pump a trillion dollars into the economy to not just modernize bridges and roads, but also boost manufacturing, R&D, clean energy, climate resilience and more. What could this investment mean for the economy, politics, and your bottom line as an investor?

The latest episode of Living Beyond Borders, a special podcast series from GZERO brought to you by Citi Private Bank, explores those themes in detail with some top experts in finance and geopolitics. Moderated by Caitlin Dean, Head of the Geostrategy Practice at Eurasia Group, this episode features Jon Lieber, Managing Director at Eurasia Group; David Bailin, Chief Investment Officer and Global Head of Investments, Citi Global Wealth; and Adam Minehardt, Director of Federal Government Affairs at Citigroup.