Living Beyond Borders Podcast
July 14, 2022

Future-proofing: How we fix broken supply chains

July 14, 2022
Citi Private Bank & GZERO Media

The war in Ukraine has made a bad global supply chain situation worse. It is fast becoming apparent that the effects of a problem which began during the COVID-19 pandemic may be felt for some time yet. Our latest episode of Living Beyond Borders examines distortions and effects of supply chain disruptions and how to ultimately alleviate them.

The last several decades have been all about finding efficiencies and cost savings through longer supply chains. But the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed severe shortcomings in this system as disruptions and backlogs at ports, empty shelves in supermarkets, and goods shortages followed when the global economy began to recover.

Russia’s war on Ukraine, in February 2022, caused further disruption and made a bad situation worse. However, when we talk about a supply chain breakdown, we must understand that it was a series of exogenous shocks that basically laid waste to a just-in-time supply chain system, and not just the war.

Flush with government stimulus cash and unable to spend it on many services, consumers’ demand for goods ballooned during the pandemic. At the same time, supplies of almost everything suffered owing to lockdown restrictions. The subsequent rebalancing of the global economy from services to goods then left several manufacturers struggling.

Given that background and the shock to system of the Russia-Ukraine war, it will take some time for supply chain disruptions to heal. The latest episode of Living Beyond Borders, a special podcast series from GZERO Media brought to you by Citi Private Bank, examines road ahead as well as the global options for alleviating supply chain disruptions.

Moderated by Shari Friedman, Managing Director of Climate and Sustainability at Eurasia Group, this episode features David Bailin, Chief Investment Officer and Global Head of Investments at Citi Global Wealth, and Christina Huguet, Industrial and Consumer Analyst at Eurasia Group.

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