Living Beyond Borders Podcast
June 2, 2022

Is now the time to buy? Real estate dynamics in 2022

June 2, 2022
Citi Private Bank & GZERO Media

The latest episode of Living Beyond Borders looks at the impact of current events on the residential and commercial real estate markets as high inflation and rising interest rates begin to bite.

Where we live now and how we live has been upended in the last few years. In the US, it has meant people moving, working from home, and buying property in a crushingly fast order. For years, low interest rates also helped to encourage people to get mortgages and buy property. Then in the spring of 2020, real estate came to a grinding halt as cities and households shut down at the start of the global pandemic.

As cities and companies bounced back, the market subsequently boomed to record highs. The result was record low inventory of housing stock in 2021, with the current year starting at just around a million homes for sale. But inflation and interest rates are now rising, and some additional inventory appears to be opening up.

It's understandable to look at the current events versus the state of the housing market and perhaps anticipate a crisis. However, there are strong data indicators that do not support a bubble bursting scenario. So where does the real estate market go from here?

The latest episode of Living Beyond Borders, a special podcast series from GZERO brought to you by Citi Private Bank, examines the shape of the residential and commercial real estate markets as well as the impact of the last couple of years. Moderated by Shari Friedman, Managing Director of Climate and Sustainability at Eurasia Group, this episode features Dan O’Donnell, Global Head of Alternative Investments at Citi Global Wealth and Cassandra Spratt, Chief Operating Officer at Eurasia Group.


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