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Wealthy individuals

We offer individuals and families sophisticated services that help meet their increasingly global needs


We are dedicated to helping the world’s wealthiest individuals and families to protect and grow wealth and perpetuate their legacy.

Among our clients are entrepreneurs, business leaders and executives, as well as their heirs.

Our comprehensive offering includes investment opportunities, banking for clients and their businesses, financing, wealth planning, and specialized advice covering art collections and sports teams.

Given their increasingly global presence, we enable clients to have dedicated private bankers in multiple regions of the world, giving them access to opportunities including investments, real estate financing, and help to expand their businesses. 

For individuals whose companies have institutional needs, we can connect them with the Citi Corporate and Investment Bank, as well as Citi Commercial Bank.

Sophisticated services that are typically only available to the world’s leading institutional investors.



Global Investment Lab

Investment Finance


Trust and wealth planning

Real Estate

Next Generation

Art advisory and finance

Aircraft finance

Sports advisory and finance

Family office

Our clients are increasingly global in their family and business presence, and therefore require a global Private Bank that can seamlessly provide banking, financing, investments and wealth planning services across the world. 


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