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Creating an effective wealth plan for multiple generations

By Elena M. Mortemore

We explore five best practices for future generation wealth transfers

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US 10-year yields constrained, but could approach 3%

By Kris Xippolitos

With many investors too pessimistic about the economic outlook, we believe US Treasury yields could reverse...

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How to create meaningful impact through philanthropy

By Karen Kardos

Many philanthropic foundations create impact but can achieve more. We explore how one conversation may help...

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How to evaluate hedge funds' operational risks

By Irfan Yunus

Operational risks may have been the main reason for hedge fund investors' losses over time. But there are ways...

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Citigroup 2018 Annual Report

By Michael Dellatte

Citi’s 2018 Annual Report which highlights our achievements and initiatives from the year is now...

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Can cyclical equities’ rebound continue?

By Wietse Nijenhuis

With a confluence of favorable macroeconomic factors, we are going overweight cyclical equities versus...

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The Art of Trade War: Lessons for Investors

By David Bailin

China's response to the trade war could create investment opportunities in 2019

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Does your ESG investment manager walk the walk?


The universe of ESG investments is growing fast - and so is the need for rigorous analysis of investment...

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Debunking social investment myths

By Edward V. Marshall

We explore some of the most common social investment misconceptions to help family offices assess the pros and...

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Ignore the noise and strengthen your portfolio instead

By David Bailin

With no global recession imminent, we continue to urge putting excess cash to work and making portfolios more...

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