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The Payment Services Directive Regulations (“PSD2”) enshrined the right of the newly regulated account information service providers (“AISPs”), payment information service providers (“PISPs”) and card-based payment instrument issuers (“CBPIIs”) to access customer payment accounts held with account servicing payment service providers (“ASPSPs”), based on the customers’ explicit consent.  As part of this the European Banking Authority (“EBA”) developed a regulatory technical standard (“RTS”) on strong customer authentication (“SCA”) and common and secure communication (“CSC”) that  provides detail on the new security requirements under PSD2 and regulate the access of AISPs, PISPs and CBPIIs to the customer payment account data held with ASPSPs. 

Citi Private Bank Compliance with the regulation

In compliance with the PSD2 regulation Citi Private Bank has developed a dedicated Application Programming Interface (“API”) that enables authorised   Third Party Payment Providers (“TPPs”)  to view and access its clients  cash accounts in the UK

Accessing the API

TPPs can connect to CPB dedicated API using the following link and perform testing in a sandbox environment


The API will be available for “live” testing  by 14 June 2019. If you are interested in finding out more information on our API please send an email to