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Outlook 2016 is out now

Peter Clive Charrington

By Peter Clive Charrington

Global Head, Citi Private Bank

December 9, 2015Posted InPrivate Equity, Foreign Exchange, Commodities, Equities, Investment Strategy, Investments, Fixed Income and Real Estate

 I am delighted to share with you Outlook 2016: Late-cycle investing, which sets out our latest investment insights and themes to help guide you through the coming year and beyond.


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We believe that the global economic expansion is not yet over, but also that some markets have already enjoyed a full recovery. For the remainder of the current cycle, therefore, returns will be lesser than those achieved to date. Equity performance could be solid relative to fixed income in many markets in the first half of 2016, while we see potential pockets of opportunity across alternative asset classes. Our recommended strategy seeks to mitigate portfolio risk, even if risk assets perform well for much of 2016.

We highlight four key investment themes for the year...

Enduring through cycles

While we remain bullish for the period immediately ahead, a tipping-point could possibly occur in 2017, leaving sufficient time to prepare portfolios. We examine which assets and industries may cope better with a future period of stress.

Navigating emerging markets

Today’s turmoil in emerging markets (EM) represents an opportunity in the making. But while EM equities and currencies may achieve healthy returns over the next decade, they could decline even further in the next one to two years. We consider how investors could position for future opportunities.

Exploiting volatility

Volatility reared its head in portfolios in 2015 and we see scope for further dislocation across various asset classes in 2016. We highlight potential strategies for mitigating the impact of extreme sell-offs as well as for seeking additional yield.


Transforming commerce

Technological progress is rapidly changing business and consumer behavior, creating both victors and victims. We explore the example of the healthcare industry, where investors may have yet to appreciate fully the implications of innovative treatments and technologies. 


With kind regards,

Peter Clive Charrington
Global Head of Citi Private Bank


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