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Security Token

Citi Private Bank is committed to offering the highest level of online security.

The Security Token is simple to use. It is a small device the size of a credit card. By holding down the red "OTP" (one-time password) button for two seconds, a random 6-digit security code appears. The code works with your User Name and Password each time you log on to the Citi Private Bank Web site. Together, the password and security code provide additional measures against unauthorized access to your online account information.

The Security Token supplements existing security technologies, including 128-bit encryption and a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection. Our approach helps to protect you and your privacy against unauthorized access to your account information online. To obtain the Security Token, please consult with your Private Banker.

Questions & Answers

To provide additional protection against unauthorized access of your online account information, you generate a random six-digit code on the Security Token. After you enter your User Name and Password, the six-digit code is verified against a secure server.

To begin using your Security Token, you need to complete the one-time activation process, using your current User Name, your Password and the token itself. 1) On, in the Sign In box, select the link to "Activate" the Security Token 2) Enter your User Name and Password 3) Enter the serial number located on the back of the Security Token 4) Click "Submit" and "Confirm" to complete activation

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1) On, enter your User Name and Password in the Sign In box. 2) Hold the red "OTP" button for 2 seconds. The six-digit code will appear in the window of the security token. 3) Click "GO"

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Yes. Once you activate your Security Token, you will need your current User Name, Password and the six-digit security code you generated with the Security Token to access your accounts via the Web. If you lose your Security Token, you may obtain temporary access instructions through Client Support.

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Yes. We use state-of-the-art encryption methods to protect sensitive data. This program simply provides an additional layer of security.

Certain regional regulatory agencies require two-factor authentication for accessing your online accounts. Please contact Client Support for further assistance.

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Your Security Token has a battery life of at least seven years. We will automatically send you a new Security Token replacement at that time.

If your Security Token has expired, or for some reason you would like to dispose it, please do so at your location. Do not send your Security Token via mail back to the Private Bank.

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