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Outlook 2017

Steven Wieting

By Steven Wieting

Chief Investment Strategist

January 3, 2017Posted InMarket views

Late-cycle stimulus: Opportunities amid uncertainty

US policies under the Trump administration could have a significant impact on growth and markets globally, creating both risks and opportunities for investors.

Central banks’ monetary easing has played a major role in extending the global economic recovery to date. But now, a shift away from monetary easing towards fiscal stimulus could help accelerate the pace of expansion.

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Portfolio perspectives

While we underweighted equities last year, we identify several markets and sectors that still look attractive. In fixed income, where we have we reduced our underweight, we also see various investment opportunities globally.

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Positioning for higher rates

Although there is a risk to fixed income if interest rates continue to rise, we still see investment opportunities in certain assets.

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The liquidity trade-off

Despite high, late‑cycle valuations, we still see compelling reasons for selective investments in private equity and real estate.

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Allocating to infrastructure

Increasing investment on infrastructure could help revive flagging global demand, enhance potential growth and create potential opportunities for investors.

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Transforming commerce

Technological progress continues to challenge many traditional business models. Investors need to consider their portfolios in light of this.

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