July 1, 2021

The joy of giving your talent and time to nonprofit organizations

July 1, 2021
Karen Kardos
Head of Philanthropic Advisory, North America
Mature female business owner leading team discussion during project meeting in conference room

Serving on the boards of nonprofit organizations and giving your time can be very rewarding but it is important to understand the responsibility that comes with it.

Philanthropy comes in many forms of giving - time, treasure, and talent. One of most rewarding forms can be the giving of your talents. Serving on the board of a nonprofit organization, whether a family foundation or public charity, is a two-way street benefitting both the organization and the individual board member. It provides board members the opportunity to do even more for the causes they care about.

Working alongside other board members with a similar passion about a particular cause, they draw from their personal and career expertise and experience. Providing direction, oversight, and stewardship, they help to drive the organization’s impact. In return, working in this collaborative setting enables the board member to develop and grow numerous skills in communication, leadership, interpersonal relations, and problem-solving, just to name a few.

However, it is important to understand the responsibility that comes with board service. It can also include a legal responsibility that may carry personal liability to the board member. Bringing about a clear understanding of the role and responsibilities of a nonprofit board member is the subject of our latest whitepaper - Nonprofit board governance best practices.

It is aimed at providing guidance to you, if you’re a prospective board member of a nonprofit, and outlines expectations of what is required. Establishing the policies and practices to provide transparency and accountability goes a long way in helping board members fulfill their responsibilities to the organization, themselves, and the public in general. We hope this paper proves to be an informative guide and assists you in that objective.