Francesco Bertoni

Francesco Bertoni

Head of Citi Investment Management - Europe, Middle East and Africa

In managing portfolios across asset classes and strategies, our focus always remains upon you. We apply a disciplined approach to investment to help you achieve your financial objectives.

With more than 27 years of portfolio management experience across different asset classes and countries, Francesco oversees our discretionary management of global equity and international fixed income. He is a voting member of the Private Bank’s Global Investment Committee (GIC), which sets our tactical asset allocation policy, and he chairs the Citi Investment Management Global Portfolio Committee, which translates the GIC’s views into portfolio-specific investment decisions.

He joined Citigroup in 2003 from INVESCO Asset Management, where he served as head of global balanced portfolios and head of emerging markets equities. He began his career as a portfolio manager with Sige Consulenza in Milan.

Francesco holds a degree in Economics from Bocconi University in Milan.

Citi Investment Management is the Private Bank’s discretionary investment management organization, which seeks to provide clients with competitive risk-adjusted returns throughout market cycles. Our expertise includes equities, fixed income, hedge fund-of-funds, as well as multi-asset class and bespoke investment strategies.