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Preparing tomorrow’s family leaders

Lending for lawyers and law firms

We provide short and long term financing to help you optimize cash flow or meet unexpected expenses.


We offer tailored loans and lines of credit to help your firm expand, relocate, build, invest and operate.

  • Revolving Lines of Credit – to finance the day-to-day working capital of your firm
  • Flexible Term Loans – tailored to meet the specific needs of your firm’s capital expenditure
  • Standby Letters of Credit – to provide credit support for landlords or other needs


  • Partner Capital Loans – unsecured loans to help finance your required capital injection to your firm
  • Revolving Lines of Credit – unsecured personal lines of credit, which allow you to use funds as needed to support fluctuating monthly expenses or other needs 
  • Term Loans – unsecured loans, typically repaid over three to five years, which can be used to consolidate other debts, make tax payments or for other personal financing needs
  • Bridge Loans – unsecured loans designed to bridge the gap in timing between the purchase of your new residence and the sale of your old residence
  • Home Equity Lines of Credit – revolving lines of credit secured by your home, which can be used for home improvements, education funding or other large expenses
  • Margin and Securities Backed Financing – loans secured by marketable securities. Learn more



Not all products or services are available in all locations.


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