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Climbing over the wall of worry: Building enduring global portfolios

Peter Clive Charrington

By Peter Clive Charrington

Global Head, Citi Private Bank

June 5, 2018Posted InInvestments

I am delighted to announce the release of our Mid-year Outlook materials, which discuss key developments in financial markets in 2018 so far and what we expect for the rest of the year.

While many investors have turned fearful after early 2018's market volatility, we think that the global expansion may last longer than pessimists expect. And although we acknowledge potential threats - especially around trade - we believe that risky assets can continue climbing over the wall of worry.

Given the growing uncertainties of a world where political strongmen are wielding greater power and where multilateral cooperation is often eclipsed by national self-interest, we think the most appropriate response is to build enduring portfolios that are broadly diversified by geography and asset class. 

In this publication, we explore the principles behind such portfolios, as well as how they might look in practice. We also discuss some potential opportunistic strategies to complement your core portfolio holdings. 

Please click here to view our Mid-year review and outlook homepage.