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Investment events

Our events provide investors with the latest investment insights and keeps them up-to-date with exciting innovations and emerging trends set to shape their portfolios. 


We deliver a program of events that help clients understand how they can invest to meet their long-term goals in their personal lives, their businesses, and their wider communities. 

Our clients want to know how we are helping them meet their investment objectives. This is why we offer numerous opportunities to hear the latest insights that shape their portfolios, and our thoughts on current or emerging macroeconomic and microeconomic trends and themes. 

We share our knowledge and research on the latest developments in key sectors so clients can always stay one step ahead. From Investing with Purpose to disruptive technologies, our events identify potential opportunities to enhance portfolios no matter what your aim. 

Our signature Outlook events focus on key themes highlighted in our publications of the same name, which sets our investment positioning for the coming year and beyond. 

We also hold numerous regional events that focus on particular timely investment trends or market developments that are highly relevant to the specific region and its residents. These smaller events provide clients with the opportunity to ask our thought leaders questions on how their investment portfolios are positioned.

Outlook is our cutting-edge semi-annual investment thought leadership program, which sets out our key asset class views and themes for this year and beyond. 

It includes publications, videos, podcasts, conference calls, as well as in-person briefings and events around the world, giving you the opportunity to discuss our ideas directly with our experts.

We also highlight specific opportunities for your portfolio via a personalized Outlook Watchlist report, comparing your investment holdings to the allocation and themes we recommend for you. Your relationship team can then suggest specific strategies to help align your portfolio. 

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