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Family events

Our events prepare the next generation to become future leaders, teach existing leaders to run family businesses, and guide the entire family through succession planning. 


Having a robust family leadership development and succession plan is vital for the preservation of family wealth and legacy across multiple generations.

We recognize that leadership development is a perpetual process: emerging and mature leaders continue to learn and develop as their roles change of the years when family members retire or show early promise. 

As a result, we have partnered with world-leading academic institutions to create a series of events aimed at educating family leaders of all generations at every stage of their journey: from those in their 20s to their 50s and beyond. 

The Frontiers Conference is designed to educate participants on the opportunities and challenges posed by disruptive technology, and the benefits and threats arising from its development. 

The program is led by the faculty of Singularity University, the Silicon Valley think tank focused on innovation. At this event we examine the transformational forces that new technologies represent and their impact on the course of business and society. 

 Our Empowering Leaders Program is designed for family members in their 30’s to 50’s who have or will assume leadership roles in their family business, in philanthropy, or in other endeavors.

The program will examine the characteristics of effective leaders, consider the personal attributes and values necessary for leadership effectiveness, and conclude with an examination of the need and opportunities for global leadership. 

Taught by the distinguished faculty of Cambridge Judge Business School, the program will bring together global peers who will share their experiences, insights, and challenges.

The Business Families Summit brings together families from around the world who own and operate businesses to explore the key issues and leading views surrounding family governance, preparing tomorrow's leaders, and succession planning. The event also gives participants a unique opportunity to share best practices with their global peers.

Taught by the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise, the two-day program will consist of lectures, individual family strategy sessions, and multi-generational discussions. 

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