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Sotheby's latest book celebrates the influence of Islamic geometry in Modern and Contemporary Art.

Geometric art is a hugely powerful medium. Its ability to inspire both spiritual reflection and solutions to complex design problems has been recognised since ancient times. From its Middle Eastern birthplace, geometric art has influenced culture and science worldwide. It therefore stands as one of the region’s many gifts to humanity.

Sotheby’s latest book, ‘Geometry and Art in the Modern Middle East’ adds many unique and, above all, beautiful insights into that ongoing contribution. It is therefore with great pleasure that Citi Private Bank provides this introduction



This book gives 24 artists a platform to express and share their manifestos and images of their works. The artists all focus on geometry as the main, not incidental concern of their practice, and represent a wide range of media, types of work, and geography.

Although Middle Eastern in its origins, geometric art is truly universal. It transcends national borders and different cultures. It brings people closer together, be they artists, collectors, or other enthusiasts. Geometric art’s connective power is an inspiration to us. Our clients are global citizens, whose presence and interests span many countries and regions. Citi Private Bank therefore provides connectivity, connecting them to opportunities worldwide, but also connecting them to each other.

Wherever you are from in the world, this book may help create connections for you.

Please get in touch to find out how we may help identify, acquire, or protect art for you. 

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